"Special Needs parents are a special breed of parent. They are tired but tough, strong but scared, educated but lost, loving, but living for a good day."

Ona Krebs

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Let Us Be Your Guide

Ona knows what it is like to be an advocate and a special needs parent. Ona's twins were diagnosed with autism and related disorders,it was day one of a lifetime that Ona loved, but constantly fretted about. With little resources around to guide her, Ona became her children's advocate. Ona faced countless challenges but never gave up. She gained the knowledge and skills to ensure that her children were in the best educational program possible for their needs. When her twins grew up, Ona saw the success of her efforts and hard work. Her children lead independant, productive lives. Ona realized that she could help others who are just getting into their own special needs parenting style. Oneil Consulting has the resources and tools to help you and your child succeed!

We are more than just an advocate When people think of advocate, they think of someone at special IEP meetings, calling the DOE and filing paperwork. While that is a big part it, it is only part of the picture. Being an advocate entails much more. Ona is more than just an advocate for her clients. She is:

Ona will not just be there for meetings. She will be there for the hard, tireless days, nights and weeks that result in more coffee than kisses

scared by the unknown

Use our experience to guide you

Ona has experience in advocacy at every level of education; from IEP’s and 504 plans to strong relationships with parents and teachers. Ona is also an advocate with the Long Island Advocacy Center. The Center focuses on education agendas as well as consumer issues within school district and the New York State Department of Education.

Ona’s position with the Advocacy Center also included transition planning, which assisted students phasing out of high school into the adult world. It encompassed informing students about various colleges, vocational programs, and state agencies that best fit their diagnosis.

Ona is up to date with the latest programs. In fact, Ona inspired her own school district to sponsor children from the community to apply for special programs offered by various agencies in New York City. The School District saw Ona’s success and the value in what she was doing.

By partnering with Oneil Consulting you get Ona’s expertise and experience to guide a new and growing generation of special needs parents. We are an ally that you need in your corner. We will guide you, support you, and remove some of the uncertainty and many obstacles a special needs parent faces. You are not alone. You have a friend for life in Oneil Consulting. Please contact us, we would love to teach you how we can help.