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What We do

We are more than advocates.
We listen. Ona listens to what issues her clients are facing and makes sure she UNDERSTANDS the problems they want to address.
We educate. Ona educates her clients about potential programs and solutions in ways that are easy to understand.
We provide options. Ona goes the extra mile by learning about new, cutting-edge programs and solutions that may be available. By exploring traditional and new solutions, Ona's clients know every tool at their disposal.
We advise. Ona draws upon her many years of experience to suggest the solution that's right for her clients.
We set the plan in motion. Next, Ona devises a plan and strategy to get her clients where they want to go. Think of her as your road map and transportation.
We advocate. Ona will always be in your corner fighting for you. Every child deserves a chance. Ona negotiates and speaks on her clients behalf to ensure that they get the opportunities they deserve.


Words can only convey so much. Give us a call and learn how we can help you and your child plan today for a brighter tomorrow.

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